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Choose your destination

01. Seek the advice of a professional

Your Voyages Objectif Terre advisor can quickly advise you on the various ways to travel on a tight budget. Some projects may be a bit too ambitious for your budget. Our job is to suggest ways to minimize costs.

02. Establish your priorities

What is most important to you? The country you visit? The trip length? Quality of accommodations? The price? Trip dates? The more flexible you are in your choices, the easier it is to save on the cost of your trip.

03. Accommodations

The type of accommodations affects the cost of your trip. In many countries the least expensive option is obviously youth hostels. Well-prepared to accommodate groups, hostels offer meal services and usually have shared rooms. Depending on the country visited and your budget, it is also possible to stay in 2, 3 and 4 star hotels. You will then have a private bathroom and often a TV. Hotels are more comfortable than youth hostels.  We always adapt the accommodations style to your budget and needs.

04. Travel dates

Travelling in the off season can result in significant savings. Why? Because airlines offer flights at much lower prices and youth hostels and hotels generally offer a rebate for travelling in the fall, winter or spring. For example: – Taking a 10-day trip to Greece between November and April will save you a few hundred dollars compared to the same trip in June. – Flights to Paris on Air Transat in April and May are generally $200-300 less than flights in June or July. – In summer, tickets for airlines like Air France or Air Canada are expensive. It becomes more difficult to travel to some countries that are not served by charter carriers like Air Transat.

05. Trip length

This is fairly self-explanatory. Each night you spend abroad involves costs (accommodations, meals, activities). Unfortunately, you won’t save much by shortening the trip by a single night. Costs vary depending on the planned activities, meals and transportation, but generally you won’t save more than one hundred dollars.

06. The number of participants

Transportation costs represent a significant portion of the cost of a trip. Renting a bus is expensive and it is a good idea to limit the use of buses if you are on a tight budget. When you are travelling to a major city like Paris or London, you can use public transit; you can immerse yourself in local culture, it’s cost efficient and much faster! We will provide you with tickets and our guide will easily direct you on the network.

07. Activities

Groups that are trying to save money on the cost of a package tend to cut costs by cutting activities (museums, guided tours, etc.) first. However, activities represent only a very small percentage of trip costs, especially for students.  Ask for our advice, we can tell you if the savings are worth it.